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In G+NAPSE we develop an organic super-food bar that delivers clean and sustainable energy for our brain and body that helps to kill the cravings, overcome mental blocks, and keep the mind sharper and focused longer. Among with the nootropics that contributes in our cognitive health, overall wellness, happiness and in the sense of being more self-aware. Align the mind with the body and soul.

Our vision is to contribute to a society full of people with healthy body, sharp minds, and self-aware.

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Having a healthy diet with essential Brain-Amino acids and a regular exercise routine helps contribute to the POWER OF NEURO-CONNECTIVITY. A sharp mind and strong memory depend on the vitality of your brain’s network of interconnecting neurons.

They are many amino acid-based formulas, along with the vitamins that support their absorption called, “Nootropics.” Our products are nootropics; blended to increase your verbal fluency, avoid distractions and boost mental output.

Nootropics enhance the Neuro-Connectivity process that takes place in the SYNAPSE, which is the point of communication between two neurons. This promotes cognitive function, particularly executive functions such as: memory, creativity, mood control, and motivation. That the purpose of all our products and the science behind G+NAPSE.


"G+BARS give me more sustainable energy and power to achieve maximum performance at my daily workouts, "

— TurboTurabi

"It’s hard to find a nutritional bar that has no sugar/additives, that is Paleo and delicious. As an athlete, I’ve tried many different bars in my life and I’ve never tasted anything like G+BARS. Would highly recommend to anyone."

— Chelsea Luckey

"I still remember the taste and sensation of feeling full. I spent an entire afternoon at LA Fitness Expo without eating anything else. The texture, flavor, and especially the nutritional density stand out in this all-in-one super food."

— Tomi Jessen