Gnapse is a company that is constantly researching new technologies that optimizes mental health performance by using natural plant medicines along with modern neuroscience to create advanced nootropics supplements that can uplift and transform the human experience.


Gonzalo Dieguez has spent the last 18 years studying health and wellness and how to better drive athletes peek performance by whole food nutrition, natural supplementation and mind set strategies. His passion for achieving a higher state of physical and mental performance pushed him to dive deep into the field of neuroscience.


I believe that it’s time to approach health in a different way. Nature in its genius has provided us with so many answers to our health issues that can be solved without pharmaceuticals, but these answers have been ignored and replaced with drugs that bandaid the root cause of the problem. When we take a holistic approach and support our bodies, we will then be in alignment and in perfect harmony to create from a more balanced state.
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